Director’s Message

We need to think outside the disciplinary boxes when dealing with issues of human behaviours. By working with top researchers from different disciplines, both locally and internationally, the BSI will provide leadership in addressing critical issues of human behaviours from a multi-disciplinary perspective. For example, by drawing on diverse expertise from psychology, economics and finance, the Institute will conduct research, provide training and offer advice in behavioural economics and behavioural finance, which are emerging multi-disciplinary studies of how humans make judgments and decisions in economic and financial contexts. As another example, the Institute will draw on diverse expertise from psychology, economics, sociology, policy studies, Asian studies, and organisational behaviour to study how organisations and governments could enhance the well-being of individuals through best organisational practices and effective public policies. The BSI at SMU will play a significant role in contributing to Singapore’s position as a knowledge capital.

Professor David Chan

Professor David Chan
Behavioural Sciences Institute


Last updated on 04 Oct 2016 .