Vision, Mission & Values


To develop into an iconic initiative in Asia that provides thought leadership and addresses frontier topics in behavioural sciences that are of critical importance, sustained interest and practical value in the academic, business and public policy communities.


To create, disseminate and apply knowledge in the behavioural sciences that will lead to evidence-based solutions to practical problems facing businesses and governments, in both local and global contexts.


In pursuing its mission, the Initiative is guided by the following core values:

  • Rigour – We seek to ensure rigour in both research and education that in turn provides a scientifically defensible and evidence-based approach to problem solving.
  • Relevance – We seek to address practical problems and issues that are relevant to effective functioning of individuals, organisations, and societies.
  • Independence – We seek to maintain independence through integrity and impartiality, with recommendations based on scientific evidence and professional conduct.
  • Impact – We seek to produce impact in academia, business, government and society through research, training and application that will make a significant positive difference.