Key Activities

  • Fund and conduct high quality behavioural science research that will lead to applications in organisational practices and public policy in Singapore and Asia, particularly related to issues that are of global relevance.
  • Develop a repository of data and information for academic and applied policy and business use, including establishing national and organisational indices in relevant domains to monitor the pulse and track the progress of organisations or different segments of individuals in the society.
  • Organise conferences, forums and seminars, with the goal of developing a network of thought leadership including researchers and leaders from private and public sectors to advance knowledge, apply research findings and share best behavioural practices.
  • Offer professional workshops and other training programmes to public service officers and business practitioners to increase knowledge and develop skills in addressing issues of human behaviour.
  • Provide evidence-based consultancy services to business organisations and public service agencies to enhance performance, effective functioning and well-being at the individual, organisational and societal levels.