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Volume 5, Issue 2 (June 2015)
Professor David Chan has been appointed as a member on the International Advisory Panel to the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).
Book Launch

On 30 April 2015, BSI hosted a book launch at SMU for two new books: 50 Years of Social Issues in Singapore (edited by David Chan, Foreword by DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam) and People Matter (authored by David Chan, Foreword by Professor Tommy Koh). The launch was attended by 100 distinguished guests from the academic, public, private and people sectors. We reproduce here (with permission from MOE) the opening address by Minister Heng Swee Keat who was the Guest-Of-Honour at the launch [LINK]. A media report of the launch can be found here [LINK]. Both books are available at major bookstores and more information are available here [LINK for Social Issues] [LINK for People Matter].

Speakers at the book Launch
Heng Swee Keat
Doreen Liu
Liu Thai Ker
David Chan
Some shots of our guests
Highlights of Recent Seminars

07 April 2015
Arne Roets, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Ghent, presented a seminar titled “The Quest for Epistemic Security in A Changing World: The Role and Impact of Individuals’ Need For Closure”. He discussed the role, developments and efforts to expand Need For Closure (NFC) research to real-world settings.

Insights from Behavioural Sciences

In this regular section on Insights from Behavioural Sciences, we feature a Channel NewsAsia online interview with Professor David Chan, in which he discussed issues on future societies [LINK].

We also feature a Straits Times interview with Professor Chan, in which he shared his views on an inclusive society and approaches to dealing with differences and disagreements in Singapore. A video clip showing an extract of the interview is embedded in the article published on 23 May 2015 [LINK].

Applications from Behavioural Sciences

In this regular section on Applications from Behavioural Sciences, we feature a Channel NewsAsia video and a panel discussion on the CNA Perspectives programme discussing social inequalities in Asia. The two videos are available on the CNA website here: [LINK] [LINK].


We also feature a commentary article on different types of commitment and their relevance to citizenship and local-foreigner relations. The article was published in The Straits Times on 6 June 2015. [LINK]

About BSI
The Behavioural Sciences Institute (BSI) is a multi-disciplinary research institute for creating, disseminating and applying scientific knowledge about human behaviours in various social, organisational and cultural settings. For more information on BSI, please refer to our website. Should you have any further enquiries, do contact us with the email or phone contact details provided below.