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Volume 5, Special Issue (April 2015)

Report on BSI Conference 2015

The BSI Conference 2015 on "Enabling Positive Attitudes and Experiences in Singapore", held on 27th February at Marriott Hotel, was attended by 300 participants from academia and the public, private and people sectors. In this Special Issue of our BSI-News, we provide you the summaries of the presentations and visual highlights of the conference.

Speakers at the Conference

Arnoud De Meyer

Maliki Osman

David Chan

Han Fook Kwang

Sim Gim Guan


Jeremy Lim

Lim Lai Cheng

Gerard Ee

Ang Bee Lian

Christopher Gee


Closing Panel Discussion

Panelists (from left): Mr Arun Mahizhnan, Dr Cheong Koon Hean, Professor Tommy Koh, Mrs Mildred Tan and Professor David Chan addressing questions from the audience.  


Some shots of our participants



Summary of Conference Presentations


Building Positivity in Communities (Maliki Osman)
Positivity Matters (David Chan)
Developing Sense of Community in Singapore (Han Fook Kwang)
Grooming Social Service Leaders who Enable Positivity (Sim Gim Guan)
Positivity and Overcoming Under-Happiness in Healthcare (Jeremy Lim)
Developing Positivity Among Youths: Experiences from Education (Lim Lai Cheng)


About BSI

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