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Volume 1, Issue 4 (December 2011)

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Upcoming Events:

BSI Forum

New Ways of Assessing Interpersonal Skills: Examples and Evidence

BSI Workshop for Public Service Officers
(9 & 10 February 2012)

Subjective Well-Being and
Public Policy

BSI Seminars

What We Choose to Compromise When Choosing Among Jobs?

Identity Integration: Determinants, Processes and Effects

Applying Business Strategy in Innovative Research: Linking Culture, Brain and Social Harmony

BSI Conference

2 April 2012
Adapting Effectively to Rapid Changes: Much More Than Cognitive Abilities

Past Events:

BSI Seminars

Cognitive Models of Relationships: An Overview of the Role of Physical Warmth

Going Beyond the Multicultural Experience - Creativity Link

Negotiating with Fate When Experiencing Constraints: How Believing in Fate Can Inspire Agency

Intuitive Politicians or Intuitive Penitents? Regret Aversion, Accountability and Justification in the Decoy Effect

Estimating and Comparing Specific Mediation Effects in Complex Latent Variable Models

Fold'em!: The Effect of Physical Enclosure on Goal Pursuits

The Interest Indicator Model of Humor: The Role of Wit in Assessing Potential Relationships

Fast and Frugal Decisions about Food

Longitudinal Assessment of Changes in Performance and Attitudes: Conceptual and Methodological Issues

BSI Forum

Homo Heuristicus: Why Biased Minds Make Better Inferences

BSI Workshop for Public Service Officers
(25 & 26 July)

Subjective Well-Being and Public Policy


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Dr Jeremy Lim, member of the BSI Business Advisory Board, has recently joined Fortis Healthcare International as its CEO (Singapore).
  Professor David Chan, Director of BSI, has been re-appointed by the Minister of Health as Chairman of the International Advisory Panel (IAP) for the National Addictions Management Service and the National Council on Problem Gambling, for another two years.

BSI invites applications to fill two (2) Post Doctoral Fellow/ Research Fellow positions, to start work in 2012.


Highlights of Recent Seminars

Hans IJzerman, Assistant Professor of Social Psychology at Tilburg University, presented his research on the associations between people's actual physical experiences (e.g., physical warmth) and their use of social cognitive metaphors and concepts in interpersonal relationships.

Angela Leung, Assistant Professor of Psychology at SMU, presented her research on how emotions may explain the effect that experiences with diverse cultures could have on creativity.


Research Feature


BSI recently sponsored two research studies, both of which will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality & Social Psychology in January 2012 at San Diego, USA. The first study, by Assistant Professor Serena Wee, examines how women make job choices and the second study, by Assistant Professor Cheng Chi-Ying, examines the way women manage their gender and professional identities and which in turn affects various personal and work-related outcomes.


Insights from Behavioural Sciences


In this regular section on Insights from Behavioural Sciences, we focus on what research on fairness perceptions tells us about policy and politics - see article by Director BSI titled Fairness: Processes as important as outcomes, published in the Straits Times in November 2011. The newspaper article was adapted from the original article published in the special commemorative issue of ETHOS, a journal by the Civil Service College.

Applications from Behavioural Sciences     


In this regular section on Applications from Behavioural Sciences, we feature an article by Director BSI, published in the Straits Times in October 2011, titled Drill into what makes S'poreans happy. The newspaper article was a response to the public debate on the notion of happiness and well-being, and the implications for public policy in Singapore.